Wednesday 13 August 2014

Nordic Research Network 2015 Announced

The 4th Nordic Research Network conference will be held on 18-19 February 2015 in the Department of Scandinavian Studies at the University of Edinburgh. To download a full call for papers in PDF please visit our new website at

You can also find us on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter @nrnconference. 

Further details on the conference, as well as information about a connected literary event scheduled for 20 February 2015, will be published on the new website and via social media. 

Wednesday 14 August 2013

NRN 2013 Programme

We're very excited to publish the programme for the third annual NRN conference! Have a look and register for the conference online.

Thursday 5th September 2013
Lecture Theatre 118, Chandler House, UCL, 2 Wakefield Street, WC1N 1PF London

Keynote address:

Andrew Newby, Helsinki University 
"The Cradle of Our Noblest Energies and Blood": Victorian Britain's  (Ab)use of Scandinavian History
Coffee break
Panel 1: National Discourses

Dominic Hinde, University of Edinburgh
From ethics to storytelling: understanding agents as narrators in Swedish environmentalism

Guro Buchanan, University of Manchester 
State Feminism meets Gender Neutral Conscription, is the Norwegian Pursuit of Gender Equality still Woman-Friendly

Ian Giles 
The Fårö Documents: The Political or Regionalised Ingmar Bergman?

Nicholas Prindiville, UCL 
Discourses on Identity in Finland’s Return Immigration Law
Panel 2: The Military and War

Josefin Hedlund, King’s College London
Peace Soldier: Swedish identity and the frames that make war possible

Björn Nordgren, University of St Andrews
Chancellor Oxenstierna’s War 1635-1643: A guide to archival sources

Dr Guy Puzey, University of Edinburgh
Exploring Scottish-Norwegian Wartime Connections: An Experience of Public Engagement

Louisa Taylor, UCL 
The Treatment of Opponents in War in 11th to 13th Century Norway and Denmark
Panel 3: Re-imagining Myths

Jessica Hancock, University of Oxford 
Violence to Silence: Female Figures in the Scandinavian Völsung legend

Victoria Lesley Ralph, UCL 
Sagascapes and Mythscapes from Old Norse Literature in the Landscapes and Cityscapes of Selma Lagerlöf’s Narratives

Pei-Sze Chow and Essi Viitanen, UCL
Building Dialogue: Representing Urban Structures on Film
Drinks reception
Conference Dinner

Friday 6th September 2013
Lecture Theatre 118, Chandler House, UCL, 2 Wakefield Street, WC1N 1PF London

Panel 4: The UK and Scandinavia

Adam Grimshaw, University of St Andrews 
Anthony Knipe: a case study of English experience in 17th century Scandinavia

Matilda Watson, Kings College London
Digital/Non-digital approaches to manuscript cultures in England, Norway and Sweden in the 11th Century

Eleanor Rye, University of Nottingham
Assessing the Vikings’ Linguistic Legacy: Quantifying the Scandinavian contribution to the Wirral’s medieval minor names

Nichola Smalley, UCL
Comparing Slang in Stockholm and London Literature
Coffee break
Panel 5: Cultural Markets

Agnes Broome, UCL
How to judge a book by its cover: Scandinavia as a literary genre

Barbara Tesio, University of Edinburgh 
Language and identity in Karen Blixen’s Gengældelsens Veje

Georgina Berritta, Manchester Metropolitan University 
The Use of Gender in Forbrydelsen and its American Remake 

Charlotte Berry, University of Edinburgh 
Going to Blighty: Agaton Sax and Andre Deutsch
Panel 6: Representations of the Real 

Harriet Jean Evans, University of York 
The horse and his Hero: a symbiotic relationship in Old Norse literature

Keith Ruiter, University of York
Visibility, Authority, and Execution in Heimskringla

Anna Tebelius, UCL 
An illustrated odyssey through the experimental and intertextual Nordic novel Polyfem förvandlad (1964)
Coffee break
Knowledge exchange workshop lead by Marita Frasier, UCL
Publishing and peer reviewing with BookType: a preparation for publishing NRN conference proceedings.

Computer Room B29, Foster Court, Gower Street, London, WC1E 6BT

Wednesday 12 June 2013

Registration now open!

Registration for the NRN 2013 is now open!

Register online at eventbrite to ensure your place at the third annual NRN conference 5-6 September 2013.

NRN 2013 Keynote speaker announced

We are very excited to announce that the NRN 2013 keynote speaker is Andrew Newby. Newby is a Docent at the Department of World Cultures at Helsinki University. As a historian whose research covers both the Nordic region and Britain, he is an especially apt speaker to start off our conference of UK-based Nordic research. 
His keynote paper is titled 
"The Cradle of Our Noblest Energies and Blood": Victorian Britain's
(Ab)use of Scandinavian History.