NRN 2010

NRN 2010: PhD Symposium of Scandinavian Studies in the UK

The main aim of this PhD symposium was that of laying the foundations for the development of a comprehensive network and of a sense of community among PhD students in Scandinavian Studies in UK universities. This event brought together PhD students affiliated to Scandinavian Studies departments as well as those registered in other departments and institutions. Each student had the opportunity of presenting and discussing with fellow postgraduate students the objectives and/or results of their researches.

With its programme of presentations, discussions, socialising activities and workshops, the symposium wanted to raise the awareness of the extent and significance of Scandinavian Studies within the UK research environment.

At the symposium participating students were invited to give a 20-minute presentation on their current PhD research. Sessions were not organised on a disciplinary basis. To emphasise the interdisciplinary nature of this event, project presentations were grouped together according to other criteria (topic, theme, methodology, etc.).

Short articles based on the presentations given at the symposium will appear in the next issue (volume 49, issue 2) of Scandinavica: an International Journal of Scandinavian Studies published by Norvik Press. We will of course let you know when the publication is ready.