NRN 2012

Nordic Research Network
Lìonradh Rannsachaidh Lochlannaich

Conference for Postgraduate Students and Early-Career Researchers

The University of Edinburgh
Oilthigh Dhùn Èideann

23-24 February 2012
23-24 an Gearran 2012

Announcement and invitation
Discussion event at the Scottish Parliament
The organising committee
Contact details

Announcement and invitation

Scandinavian Studies at the University of Edinburgh invites participants to the Nordic Research Network 2012. This two-day interdisciplinary conference on 23-24 February 2012 will bring together postgraduate students and early-career researchers from Edinburgh and the rest of the UK currently researching topics relating to the Nordic area. The event will also incorporate a knowledge exchange workshop on communicating the developing role of lesser-taught languages in the university sector and a discussion event to be held at the Scottish Parliament, hosted by Alison Johnstone MSP and with refreshments sponsored by the Royal Norwegian Consulate General.

Following on from the successful first Nordic Research Network symposium held at University College London in 2010, students and early-career researchers will present the objectives or results of their current research. Through presentations, discussions, socialising activities and workshops, the conference will offer an ideal platform for the sharing of ideas and for dialogue with like-minded peers, as well as an opportunity to explore the significance of studying the Nordic area in the UK research environment.

Discussion event at the Scottish Parliament, 24 February

We are delighted to announce that, in connection with the NRN, a discussion event will be held at the Scottish Parliament on the evening of Friday 24 February, kindly hosted by Alison Johnstone MSP and with refreshments sponsored by the Royal Norwegian Consulate General. This extra event, entitled 'Building Cabins and Building Character: Using the Outdoors in Britain and Norway' will feature Ellen Rees (Scandinavian Studies, University of Oslo), Ralf Westphal and Peter Higgins (both of the Outdoor Education programme at the University of Edinburgh), and will be chaired by Dominic Hinde (Scandinavian Studies, University of Edinburgh).

More details about the Scottish Parliament event are available through this link.


Space is unfortunately limited - to register for the Nordic Research Network, please write to to request a registration form, which must be returned to us by Thursday 16 February. Booking is also required for the event at the Scottish Parliament. If you have not already requested a place as part of your main conference registration, please write to to book for the Parliament event.

The organising committee

Ersev Ersoy – Dominic Hinde – Guy Puzey

Contact details

Follow us on Twitter @NordicEdinburgh

Draft programme 
(updated 16 February 2012)

Day 1 / Latha 1
Thursday 23 February / Diardaoin 23 an Gearran
David Hume Tower Conference Room

08:00-09:00           Registration                                                          
09:00-09:20           Welcome and Introduction                                  
Session 1: North Atlantic and International Contacts – Chair: Alan Macniven

William Frost, University of the Highlands and Islands
North Atlantic Rim: Utopian Dream or Topological Dissection?

Adam Grimshaw, University of St Andrews
Anglo-Norwegian Trade in the 17th Century

John Mitchinson, University College London
Othering the Other: Decolonisation in the Faroe Islands

Björn Nordgren, University of St Andrews
The Second Swedish Phase of the Thirty Years War: 1635-1643
10:40-11:10           Break
Session 2: Approaches to Literature – Chair: Ersev Ersoy

Eric Cain, University of Edinburgh
Innocence and the Anonymity of Evil: Two Horror Archetypes in Le Fanu’s Carmilla and Lindqvist’s Let the Right One In

Seonaid Francis, University of the Highlands and Islands
Challenging Tradition: An Exegesis of the Poetry of Steinn Steinarr from the Perspectives of Existentialism and Surrealism

Silke Reeploeg, University of the Highlands and Islands
Civilising the North: From ‘Sturdy Mountaineer’ to Folk Culture in Nineteenth-Century Norwegian and Scottish Literature

Barbara Tesio, University of Edinburgh
A Rereading of Pierre Andrezèl/Karen Blixen’s Gengældelsens Veje
12:30-13:40           Lunch
Session 3: Politics and Public Discourse – Chair: Guy Puzey

Øivind Bratberg, University of Oslo
The Nordic Model of Social Democracy

Dan Heap, University of Edinburgh
Activation for All? Sick and Disabled Benefit Claimants, the Institutionalisation of Activation Regimes, and Economic Downturns in the United Kingdom and Denmark

Dominic Hinde, University of Edinburgh
Why Discourse Is the Right Course: Looking at Swedish Environment from a Discursive Perspective
Emily St.Denny, University of Stirling
The ‘modèle suédois’: The Swedish Model as a Political Resource in the Struggle over French Prostitution Policy
15:10-15:40           Break
Session 4: Translation and Literary Genres – Chair: Dominic Hinde

Charlotte Berry, University of Edinburgh
Aidan Chambers: Champion for Translated Children’s Literature

Agnes Broome, University College London
Can Swedish Literature Succeed on the British Market?

Ian Giles, University of Edinburgh
Translational Issues in Translating the Opening of Tjuven by Göran Tunström

Anna Hoyles, University of Lincoln
Wash Tubs and World Affairs: The Persona of Madam Andersson in the Literary Journalism of Moa Martinson

18:30                    Conference dinner
                                       Howies Restaurant, 29 Waterloo Place

Day 2 / Latha 2
Friday 24 February / Dihaoine 24 an Gearran
David Hume Tower Conference Room

Knowledge Exchange Workshop

Anne Sofie Laegran, University of Edinburgh

Antonella Sorace, University of Edinburgh

Elettra Carbone, Norvik Press / University College London

Open discussion

10:30-11:00           Break
Session 5: Folk Tales and the Ancient North Revisited – Chair: Helena Forsås-Scott

Richard Cole, University College London
The Absent Jew and the Anti-Semitic Impulse in Pre-Reformation Scandinavia

Ersev Ersoy, University of Edinburgh
Past Modes of Thought in Mythic Tradition

Colin MacKenzie, University of Glasgow
The Life of the ‘Mind’ in Old Norse

Victoria Ralph, University College London
The Influence of Old Norse Icelandic Literature in Drottningar i Kungahälla by Selma Lagerlöf
12:20-13:20           Lunch
Session 6: People and Identities – Chair: John Mitchinson

Ragnhild Ljosland, University of the Highlands and Islands
The Orkney and Shetland Dialect Corpus-Based Grammar Study: A Presentation of a Project Idea

Ingrid A. Medby, University of Edinburgh
Social Adjustment among Norwegian Students in Melbourne, Australia

Nicholas Prindiville, University College London
The Ingrian Finns: A Case for Ethnic Identity in Finland 1990-2010

Guy Puzey, University of Edinburgh
Counter-Hegemonies and Linguistic Democracy in Norway and Italy

Sophia Rautenberg, University of Stirling
Sweden, Norway and Finland: A Comparative Study on Sámi Politics
15:00-15:30           Break
Session 7: Spaces and Places in Architecture, Art and Music – Chair: Charlotte Berry

Elettra Carbone and Claire Thomson, University College London
On the Trail of ‘Denmark’s Pride’: The Intercultural and Intermedial Mobility of Bertel Thorvaldsen and of His Statues

Pei-Sze Chow, University College London
Up, Out, and Away: Documenting Landmark Architecture in Malmö

Nichola Smalley, University College London
Repping the Margins: Swedish Rap on the Periphery and at the Centre of Creative Language

Joe Stroud, University of Edinburgh
För Fäderneslandet: Swedish Extreme-Right Music and the Portrayal of Swedish Exceptionalism

Essi Viitanen, University College London
The Cinematic Spaces of Suburbia
17:10-17:30          Closing remarks

18:30-20:00          Building Cabins and Building Character:
                             Using the Outdoors in Britain and Norway

                            Committee Room One
                            Scottish Parliament / Pàrlamaid na h-Alba

                            This event is kindly hosted by Alison Johnstone MSP

                            Ellen Rees, University of Oslo

                            Ralf Westphal and Peter Higgins, University of Edinburgh

                            Discussion chair: Dominic Hinde, University of Edinburgh

Through the generous sponsorship of the Royal Norwegian Consulate General, refreshments will be offered prior to the discussion itself.

● N.B. – Registration for the Parliament event is separate: if you have not already booked as part of your main conference registration, please write to by Thursday 16 February. You must sign in at the Parliament by 18:30.